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FRP Wrap Materials

Carbon and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers (FRP), also called composite materials, are popularly used in structural strengthening for steel, wood, concrete, seaport and aerospace applications because of their cost-effectiveness and superior performance in high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, bomb blast and earthquake protections.

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Concrete Institute (ACI), British and European Standards established design and test criteria for metal and concrete structural repair for decades.

The design codes are BS8110, EN1504, ACI440 and composite laminate analysis.

Wrapping Process, Qualification Tests and Long-term Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) are as follows:

  • Surface preparation
  • Installation of FRP composite wrap
  • Quality control
  • Surface finishing
  • Pull-out test, scaling-down load test and NDT test
  • Full-scale load test, aging test, corrosion monitoring, fibre optic sensing (FOS) SHM test

CFRP Fabrics and Plates

FOSTA supplies and installs CFRP fabrics and plates as follows:

Carbon fibre unidirectional fabric (Japanese Toray T700 high strength tows)

Carbon fibre plate (Japanese Toray T700 high strength tows)

Specifications* of Fibre Products

FIBRE TYPE E-glass Carbon
Area Weight Light, Medium or Heavy
Width 0.5m, 1m
Weave Pattern Bidirectional / Unidirectional

   *Specifications subject to change without notice

Specifications* of Polymer / Epoxy Products
for Land & Marine Applications

POLYMER / EPOXY Land Applications Marine Applications
Pot Life 2 hours 30~45 minutes
Curing Schedule Overnight at room temperature
Curing Condition Dry surface Underwater or wet surface
Workability Good
Shore D Hardness >75
Lap Shear Strength Good
Operating Temperature -45~125°C -
Shelf Life - 1 year at 25°C
with no refrigeration

   *Specifications subject to change without notice

Download FOSTA brochure: Carbon & Glass Fibre FRP Wrap Structural Strengthening

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